Twenty-five years and singing

rich volcano prompted melody

emerald green island poetry

germinated, fertilised in seismicity

staging real-life drama

in temporary theatre of permanent

craft of rhythmic body dance

or solid rock spiritual stance

negotiated reflectively

extracted from adversity



Five and twenty years of learning

inside mountain burning

natural science classes

pre and post-secondary

Doctors in philosophy

concerning volcanology

social science university

investigating community capacity

to thrive through life tragedy

deriving theory from history


A whole quarter century

of terror calming naturally

fear dissolving faith despite pain

growing and dying, coming and going

helping and coping, loss and gain

banks growing and collapsing

hearts breaking and mending

families long distance dying trying

re-building and succeeding firm

resolute island pride



Two long decades and a half

a generation knowing no southern part

Plymouth to O’Garro’s, Gages through Bethel

saw no cricket in Sturge Park’s lawn

Had not hot bath in emerald springs well

nor echo of St. Patrick’s or Anthony’s bell

felt not Big RA’s kilowatt power

never saw Trants sea island cotton cover

Montserrat Tapestries treasure shower

Emerald Garments or rice mill bran flour


In this big five times five lean years

countless lives stepped out of time

joined ancestral Amerindian line

of Trants archaeological burial dig

or Dagenham’s excavated afterlife spot

next to where lived Arrrow ManShop

many of Jesus followers found their lot

outside Thompson Field or Lookout land.

Twenty-five years in God’s mega-plan

enough only for human mini-lifespan




Lammerweide 37, 17th-18th July, 2020


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