( 27th September, 2018- written as I sat before the television seeing and hearing Dr. Ford’s testimony)

I look to Christine Blasey Ford
Eliciting tears with every word
Wondering not if, but when to break
through painful memory and speak
Out as even now my thoughts look back
And my heart cries out, “Me too!”

Climbing to the restroom
Girls find no rest
Just beds to beat
In sexual heat.
Shut up,
Don’t talk

My lips are sealed
For years of hush hush
Trauma and anxiety
Suppressing memory
To raise question
Of Mistaken identity?

Seeing is believing
Feeling is re-living
For thirty- something years.
Speak your truth.

My eyes did not fail me
The perpetrator I see
From pain through therapy
The person you deny, “Not me,”
Yes, you- that darker side you have not owned
Keeping you in prison
Trapping others in
Another version of truth.

Yes teacher
Of America and girls
Inspiring and enlightening women
Inspiring, enlightening, teaching and liberating
Men and boys
And us all towards a new humanity
Gendered Community.

A profound public service
Your honesty in remembering
And not forgetting
Seamlessly recalling ….

Surfacing courage
From a deep and hidden place

To let earth’s Judges know
That time does tell.

Justice is ugly
When judges perjure
Through living hell
And witnesses recall
Our breakthrough.

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